Growing Green Onions from Scraps

Published November 3, 2022 in The Chef, the Family and the Garden by Brian Douglass
Filed under Gardening, Hacks

This is probably one of the best kitchen hacks I’ve learned all year. It is super simple to regrow green onions from scraps. And when you do you can have a continuous supply of green onions for all your cooking needs. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut off the root ends while leaving the roots attached.
  2. Place the roots in a small jar with the cut ends up.
  3. Fill the jar with water, but don’t submerge the whole root end.
  4. Keep on a windowsill, changing the water every few days.
  5. After the onions grow to about 5 inches, plant them in the ground or into a pot.
  6. Cut the green onions down to the ground level whenever you need them!
Green onions growing on a windowsill