Git Open

A quick tip about and awesome little command-line tool.

A Git log from a Git repository

I am very much a terminal junky. I will do most tasks in a terminal window rather than through a GUI. This includes all my Git activities. I will often need to jump from my terminal to a browser to make a pull request or manage a project’s issues. To accomplish this I have been using a hacked-together script that I found years ago. I probably found it online somewhere, but the source has since been lost. I called the script ggo, short for git go! It opened the current repository’s upstream remote in a web browser.

This has been working well for me all this time. But I was introduced to a similar tool with a much broader feature set. This project, git-open, does everything my ggo script did plus more. My favorite feature is that it will open the current branch in the browser, rather than just the current repository.

To get started with git-open, install it via npm: npm install --global git-open. Since I am using bash as my shell, I added an alias to replace my old ggo script: alias ggo='git-open'. Git-open works with most major code hosting platforms, so give it a try! Check out the GitHub repo for more info and to leave a star.

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