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In this blog post, I would like to share some of my favorite newsletters for software developers. In today’s ever-changing tech landscape where a new JavaScript framework is born every day, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is crucial for any developer. Newsletters can provide regular updates to keep you informed, while also not overwhelming you. They contain links to articles that keep you informed about the latest developments, and also can provide insights to help you improve your skills and advance your career. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these newsletters will help you stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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Table of contents

Node Weekly Newsletter

Node Weekly is a newsletter for JavaScript developers centered around Node.js. But it also has articles about Deno and Bun. This is a fantastic weekly read that provides quick summaries of articles for you to scan.

Frontend Focus Newsletter

Frontend Focus is a newsletter that encompasses many browser technologies, like HTML and CSS. Each edition of the newsletter includes many different articles along with tutorials and resources. The resources section is a great way to discover new tools and code that can be helpful.


CSS-Tricks is a well-known frontend-focused blog. The articles span a wide variety of different topics beyond just their CSS moniker. The newsletter will send a few articles to your inbox every few weeks. Or you can grab their RSS feed and stay up to date on all the latest articles.

Software Lead Weekly

Software Lead Weekly is a less technical newsletter that is more geared toward leads and managers. Many of the linked articles are about culture and people.

Changelog News

Changelog is an awesome podcast network for developers. They also put out a weekly newsletter with articles about software development. They also product a podcast of the newsletter, just search for Changelog News in your podcast player of choice.

HTMHell Newsletter

HTMHell is an amusingly named newsletter about HTML and how or how not to use HTML. The “hell” part of the site has real-life examples of how not to use HTML, while also pointing out the proper usage of various elements. The “heaven” part of the site includes articles on how to improve your HTML skills. In 2022 they published an amazing advent calendar which is worth a read all on its own.

Pointer Newsletter

Pointer is a self-described “reading club for software developers.” This weekly email contains articles spanning a variety of topics. The highlight of this newsletter is that it includes a “tl;dr;” section that sums up the article. It is a great way to determine if an article is worth your time to read fully.

Bytes Newsletter

Bytes is a funny, tongue-in-cheek, weekly email about JavaScript. They have a different approach with their newsletter where they focus on one big byte of JavaScript news. It also includes various smaller articles, all with a humorous spin.

ES.next Newsletter

ES.next News is a short, weekly newsletter about JavaScript. This newsletter is usually a quick read and won’t take up much of your time. But it also can help you keep up to date with the JavaScript ecosystem.

Swizec’s Newsletter

Swizec is the author of a book called “Senior Engineer Mindset”. And he also produces a newsletter with a focus on software development careers. He also blogs about other relevant coding topics.

Go Make Things

Go Make Things produces short, daily blog posts with tips for developers. Many of the tips focus on vanilla JavaScript because you don’t always need a heavy-handed framework for everything.

Human Skills

Human Skills is a blog/newsletter about programmer Skills that are beyond just programming. It is a series of interviews with experienced engineers from different companies.

Tips for Reading Newsletters

How do you read a bunch of newsletters when there is code to write and deadlines to fulfill? Skimming is your friend here. Skim over the articles and see if any spark your imagination or might apply to you currently. Then, save the articles somewhere to read later. There are plenty of services that provide this functionality, like Pocket, Instapaper, or the self-hosted Wallabag. Come back later when you have dedicated time to read through the articles. Don’t feel like you need to read every word of every article, skim and skip around as you need to. If something doesn’t make sense you can always go back and read from the top.


Try out some of the above newsletters by subscribing. You never know when you might find a useful tool or a great bit of career advice. It is always cheap and quick to unsubscribe if you aren’t getting anything out of them.

Contact me if you have any suggestions for more newsletters!

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