Pebble Helpers

Published June 2, 2016 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Thanks to my new watchface, Hazy, I’ve created several new open source projects/libraries to help with Pebble development. Hopefully someone other than myself might be able to find them useful.

Angular Slate

Angular Slate is a collection of directives that make using Pebble’s Slate framework easier in Angular. Pebble configuration pages can be simplified by using Angular, this module helps further simplify things.

Pebble C Helpers

A small set of shortcuts and helpful functions for Pebble app and watchface developers. At some times Pebble developement can feel clunky, this library aims to help reduce that and streamline development.

Pebble Template

The Pebble Template is my opinionated take on a seed project for quickly bootstraping Pebble development. With this template the aim is to reduce time to market for new Pebble watchfaces and apps. It also includes a complete configuration generation platform to reduce the need to write similar code in the Pebble config page, c code, and js code. This feature alone helps reduce development time.