Indicator Weather Updates

Published January 8, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Ubuntu Touch Apps, Releases

Since I launched Indicator Weather for Ubuntu Touch last month, I’ve uploaded 12 new releases. It has been quite a few, but many have been minor bug fixes and translation updates. One major highlight of the releases was v1.10. This release allowed users with non-writable systems to use Indicator Weather. Thanks to the suggestions of a few fellow developers, I was able to rewrite Indicator Weather to place its files in certain folders in the home folder. This has exactly the same effect as the first release, but without the messy requirement of a writable system. Another highlight was the inclusion of OpenWeatherMap as an alternative to the default Dark Sky weather api. Some user have reported that OpenWeatherMap is more reliable, so if you have trouble with Dark Sky give OpenWeatherMap a try!

Over the 13 total releases there have been a total of 947 downloads. Keep in mind that this is not a count of users. With the OpenStore you don’t need to login so we don’t track downloads by user. So every user that upgrades will count multiple times. That being said, release v1.10 had the most downloads, clocking in at 221.

You can grab the latest Indicator Weather in the OpenStore.