New App: Fish Tank

Published January 18, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Ubuntu Touch Apps, Android, Releases

I recently release my new app/game called “Fish Tank”. Fish Tank isn’t really a game, it’s a virtual aquarium. I’ve released it not only for Ubuntu Touch but also for the web and Android. I have released a few Ubuntu Touch apps, but this will be the first public Android app I have released.

Fish Tank was built using the Phaser game lib. This has been a simple experiment with Phaser so I can expand my horizons. I’ve always been interested in dabbling in game development but only just now have I really learned how to use Phaser.

For the Android app I built it using Cordova (since Phaser is HTML/JavaScript). I initially planned to use Cordova for Ubuntu Touch as well, but the performance was very poor compared to the Ubuntu Browser. So I switched to using webapp-container on Ubuntu Touch where the performance is better.

Download Fish Tank for Android or Ubuntu Touch. Or check it out on the web.

Fish Tank