Bitcoin Auditor and Vue.js

Published February 2, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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I recently took the time to learn Vue.js and found that it’s a rather facinating alternative to AngularJS and React. I’m familiar with both AngularJS (v1 has been used heavily at my current job) and React (uApp Explorer is built with React). Vue.js takes a similar approach as React where it provides the view logic and lets you choose your other components. I really like this, especially with with wealth of JavaScript libraries available via npm. Vue.js also follows some of the syntax of AngularJS with it’s directives and components which is very familiar to me.

As part of my learning Vue.js I converted my webapp, ”Bitcoin Auditor” to Vue.js. Bitcoin Auditor is a fairly simple app that displays data from the Shush Pool bitcoin mining api. It has served as a test bed for new JavaScript frameworks as it started out in AngularJS, moved to React and now to Vue.js.

Overall I’ve very happy to have spent the time learning Vue.js and look forward to using it again in the future!