Falcon v2.02: Icon Pack Update

Published February 10, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Ubuntu Touch Apps, Releases

Hot on the heels of Falcon v2, comes v2.02. v2.02 comes as a collaboration between myself and Joan Cibersheep. Joan is the maintainer of both of Falcon’s good icon packs (and a designer of some of the icons). I say good icon packs because Falcon previously had two example icon packs that I threw together. Thankfully I’ve removed them in favor of Joan’s work. For this version we took the icon packs out of Falcon itself and published them in the Ubuntu app store. This way icon pack updates and distribution happens independently of Falcon. This is a similar model to many Android launchers where designers can distribute their icons as apps and apply them to the launcher at the user’s command. Additionally this allows other applications to easily integrate icon packs into their own apps or scopes.

Anyone interested in creating an icon pack can check out the Falcon icon pack template. This serves as the base for both of Joan’s current icon packs and should allow anyone to easily bootstrap a new icon pack and distribute it via the app store.

Download Falcon from the OpenStore. Then check out the icon packs in the Ubuntu app store.