Clickable Updates

Published June 22, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Clickable has grown in popularity recently due to Canonical discontinuing support for Ubuntu Touch. Clickable provides a nice lightweight alternative to the discontinued Ubuntu Touch SDK IDE. Over the past week I’ve added a few new features. First off is the new make_jobs parameters. By default clickable will run make -j (when the template calls for it), and by specifying make_jobs you can adjust what numbers is passed to the -j parameter of make. I’ve also added a few checks to make sure lxd and the lxd container are running instead of throwing random errors. This also goes nicely with the update of colored output (which makes it easier to visually grep the output).

Since it seems that Canonical will no longer maintain the usdk-target tool that clickable relies on, I’ve updated clickable to always look for it’s own copy of the usdk-target binary. I’ve also forked the code for usdk-target, which you can find on my GitLab page. Including usdk-target also provides one less external dependency which has made it easier to package as a snap. Unfortunately the snap for clickable cannot be found in the offical snap store, but it is availabe in the OpenStore. Clickable is a classic snap so it requires manual review, and therefor hasn’t be accepted into the offical store yet.

The last new feature of clickable is that it will try to guess which template you are using (cmake, qmake, cordova, etc) if it does not find a clickable.json. This can be useful for quickly compiling an Ubuntu touch app that does not yet have a clickable.json.

A wonderful contributor has also created a nice tutorial for getting started with clickable. You can find it in the UBports wiki.

If you run into any problems with the latest updates, please feel free to report a bug on the Github repo.