OpenStore App v2

Published September 23, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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I’m happy to announce that version 2 of the OpenStore app is now available for downloading! Version 2.00 was released on Thursday and then version 2.01 was released the day after on Friday. The immediate bug fix was due to lots of great feedback from our users. This latest version of the OpenStore app was due to the great work done by Stefano V with an assist by Michal. I only played a minor role in the app development as I tweaked some api endpoints, so direct all your praise to them.

This version of the OpenStore brings with it an improved update mechanism that I hinted at in my last post. We are now using revision numbers to track version changes. What this means is that developers can follow whatever versioning schema they want (provided each release has a unique version) and the users don’t run into any bugs with version comparison. This does lead to a situation where apps installed from outside the OpenStore will show as updates to a lower version number. But this is only the OpenStore giving you the latest stable release to download to your device and (thanks to v2.01) there is a warning letting you know this.

In addition to the revisions, the user interface has been redesigned with a slick bottom bar navigation and fancy category lists with icons. This release also bring faster start up time as we switched to a server side paging model. Previously all app data was loaded into the app from the api. But as the number of apps in the OpenStore has grown this has lead to slower and slower startup times for the app. By switching to server side paging we dramatically speed up the startup of the app. And with all these great new features there were also many bugs squashed.

Download the updated app from the OpenStore