OpenStore App v2.10 - NSFW Filtering

Published November 24, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Openstore, Releases

This week brings a few new updates to the OpenStore app by the wonderful Stefano V. v2.10 brings with it a hot new feature of filtering NSFW content. Earlier this November a new webapp with adult content was added to the OpenStore. Since new apps are automatically featured in the homepage of the OpenStore app, this NSFW app was on display for all to see. After some discussions with the community and between myself and Stefano we have added a NSFW filter in the OpenStore app. I added a flag in the OpenStore website to mark an app as NSFW and Stefano implemented a filter in the app for this flag (NSFW content is hidden by default). Currently this NSFW flag is a self-serve option, so it is up to the app authors and admins to make sure this flag if properly marked. In the future we may need to move to a more automated model, but while the OpenStore is small we won’t worry about that.

In other news, Stefano has added the ability to swipe between screenshots. This is a much more intuitive method of interacting with the screenshots and is a welcome addition. Along with images, app icons are now cached on the device leading to a much snappier browsing experience.

A huge thank you to Stefano and the OpenStore Community for this update!