Clickable 2.0.0

Published December 17, 2017 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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I am very excited to announce the release of Clickable 2.0.0! Clickable has really evolved from a collection or commands to a full development tool for Ubuntu Touch. Clickable 2.0.0 builds off the last release and takes everything up a notch.

Last release brought a PPA and beta docker support. That beta docker support has now graduated to being the default option. One of the main driving factors behind switching to docker over lxd is that docker has better support cross distro. So users on non-Ubuntu distros can enjoy the same level of support as Ubuntu-based distros do (without having to mess with lxd trickery). Another reason for the switch is that the Ubuntu Vivid repository was moved to This caused all the lxd containers to break. Rather than mess with compiling a new lxd image, I tried using docker instead and enjoyed the fact that it is much simpler to setup than lxd. To start using docker with clickable you will first need to install docker (sudo apt-get install on most Ubuntu systems) and then run clickable setup-docker for some final configuration.

In addition to the docker support clickable now has a new sub-command, clickable shell. Shell mimics the behavior of phablet-shell with out the need to actually have phablet-shell on the system. Using clickable shell is a bit better than using adb shell because it overcomes some of adb’s limits by setting up an ssh connections over the connected usb cable.

Last, but not least of this release is that clickable now has a full set of documentation! You can find it online at

Install clickable fresh from the PPA.

Let me know if you have any issues!