Clickable 4.1.0

Published April 24, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Last week marked the arrival of version 4.1.0 of Clickable. The first change in this latest version is the usage of xhost. When running Clickable in “desktop mode” it will forward the current X session to the docker container. This allows the apps to show up on the desktop, but be run using all the Ubuntu Touch SDK & libraries. User have reported the need to run the xhost command before being able to user desktop mode. Version 4.1.0 automatically calls xhost +local:docker before launching desktop mode (if xhost is available).

The next new feature in Clickable is the new --nvidia argument. When used with --desktop (ex: clickable --desktop --nvidia), this new argument will use nvidia-docker rather than standard docker. As the name suggests, this allows desktop mode to be run on an nvidia system with proprietary drivers. The last addition to Clickable in v4.1.0 is the run command. The run command allows you to run arbitrary command within the clickable docker container. While it is possible to execute commands in the clickable container without using the new run command, the run command will setup all the same tweaks for your project that clickable normally does. It is important to remember that any changes to the container itself (ex: installing new packages) will not be persisted after the run command exits.

As always, please report any issues you find in the clickable GitHub repo.