OpenStore Xenial Support - Phase 2

Published May 17, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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About a week ago the OpenStore gained support for Xenial in the website. Today version 2.40 of the OpenStore app was release which builds on the site’s Xenial support and brings full Xenial app support to Ubuntu Touch. With the latest release, the OpenStore app will detect the system it’s being run on and only show the relevant apps for that platform. Please note that anyone already on Xenial will need to manually update to v2.40. You can find the Xenial compiled version of the app on the OpenStore app page.

Next Step

Now that both the app and the website support Xenial apps developers are free to upload Xenial compatable versions. But, to help out the developers and provide more apps for Xenial we would like to automatically detect if an app has Xenial support. This will be Phase 3 of Xenial support in the OpenStore.

If you have any issues or run into any bugs feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or GitHub.