Clickable 4.2.2

Published June 12, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Clickable, Releases

Version 4.2.2 of Clickable has just been released. With it comes better support for Cordova templates. The work for this latest update comes thanks to Marco S! He was able to integrate the Cordova workflow into the Clickable docker container so there is no need to have Cordova installed on your computer and there is no need to mess with the old chroots. This greatly simplifies the usage of Cordova apps and will hopefully allow Cordova apps to be easily ported to Ubuntu Touch.

In addition to the Cordova support, two new commands have been added to Clickable. The first is clickable update-docker which will update your docker container to the latest version without needing to remember docker commands. The second command is clickable review. It will run click-review on your built click package and give you back the results. The click-review command is run in the docker container so you don’t need to have it install on your own computer. In order to use clickable review you’ll want to first run clickable update-docker to make sure you have the latest container with click-review support.

If you have any issues with Clickable feel free to reach out on the Clickable GitHub repo.