Clickable & Continuous Integration

Published July 5, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Clickable, Releases

The latest release of Clickable contained a new command for publishing apps to the OpenStore. That feature has been added to make continuous integration using Clickable possible. It is now very simple to compile, package, and publish your click apps for Ubuntu Touch. To make thing even simpler I’ve created Docker images for using Clickable in a continuous integration environment. These images contain the latest release of Clickable and have it automatically set to container mode. These Docker images can be found on Docker hub: clickable/ci-15.04-armhf and clickable/ci-16.04-armhf for vivid/15.04 and xenial/16.04 respectively.

GitLab has a very slick CI solution built in. I’ve created an example click app that uses GitLab’s CI to build and publish itself in the OpenStore. Here is the GitLab CI configuration file:

  image: clickable/ci-15.04-armhf
  - clickable clean build click-build review publish

  image: clickable/ci-16.04-armhf
  - clickable --xenial clean build click-build review publish

Very simple! All you need to do to use it with your own Ubuntu Touch apps is to copy the OPENSTORE_API_KEY variable to your GitLab project’s CI settings and start publishing apps!