OpenStore Updates

Published August 8, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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I’ve recently spent some time clearing up some minor issues that were present in the OpenStore (both the website and the app). On the website one minor issue was the back button that takes you from an app page back to the search page. This link would take you back to an empty search rather than where you were previously. This has been corrected so it functions as expected. Another bug that got fixed was a problem with the pagination, not matter what it always showed pages 1 to 5, event if the current page was higher. This has been fixed and now the pagination will updated to be around the current page. Some eye candy added was a slick popup whenever you go to save you app (both when successful and when it’s an error). This greatly improves the saving experience as you know when the action has completed rather than wondering what happened and realizing there is a tiny message by the save button. The last new feature added to the OpenStore is RSS Feeds. Check out the feeds and then get timely updates about new or updated apps in the OpenStore!

For the OpenStore app the author search has been fixed. If you press on the “More apps by” button when viewing an app you’ll be taken to the search page with a list of the author’s other apps. Previously the search could present apps not authored by the current author being searched for. Additionally openstore:// links will now open in the OpenStore app, even if the app is not currently running. This allows app developers to reliably link directly to apps.

After this batch of updates I plan to clear up a few more minor issues while adding some new features to the OpenStore. If you wan to chat about upcoming features or report issues join the OpenStore Telegram group!