Clickable 5.0.0

Published October 3, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Today marks the release of Clickable v5.0.0. I’m very pleased to get this released, as it has been a beta for a while, both as a private beta and public beta (A huge thank you to the beta testers!). There are quite a few changes in this release, I’ll go over a few of them them briefly but the full list can be found in the Clickable docs.

The first change that most people will notice is that Clickable is now Xenial first, meaning without arguments Clickable will automatically build your app for Xenial. This removes the need to use the --xenial argument. In it’s place comes the --vivid flag to allow you to still compile your app for 15.04 if needed. The removal of the --desktop argument will also be noticed by many developers. Don’t worry, desktop mode has not been completely removed, it’s just been changed to be more intuitive. Now you can run clickable desktop to test your app on the desktop. All the app templates have also been updated to support Xenial first. You can access them via the clickable create command.

Another removal was support for chroots. The click chroots are no longer maintained and depricated in favor of the Docker containers. The Docker containers are constantly kept up to date with the latest from UBports so they will have the best compatibility for compiling for devices. Note that LXD containers are still supported, but Docker containers are recommended. Along with the removal of chroots, the setup-docker command has also been removed. Rather than require users to run this command first and possibly be confused when they don’t run it, this has been built into using Docker in general. Clickable will now automatically detect the need for setting up Docker and prompt the user to restart their shell when necessary.

Clickable has also gone through some major changes under the hood. The code has been completely refactored to split up the monstrous single file that has been been there for most of Clickable’s lifespan. Each command has been split into it’s own class/file making things easier to write and test. And speaking of testing, Clickable now has the beginnings of a test suite. Since Clickable is relied on by many developers, it’s more important now that it has proper testing to ensure there are no breaks or bugs. Clickable has also got a new home on GitLab! I’ve chosen to move my projects over to GitLab starting with Clickable. I’m doing this mainly because I like GitLab’s offering and also want to support their open source efforts. Clickable will still be available on GitHub for a time, but all development efforts will be coordinated via GitLab.

For the full change log check out the Clickable docs. If you run into any issues with v5.0.0 please report them in the GitLab Issues. I also have a Liberapay page if you want to support my open source development, I really enjoy doing this work and want to be able to do more for Ubuntu Touch.