Full Circle Redesign

Published December 12, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Ubuntu Touch Apps, Releases

Recently I had been talking with Joan CiberSheep about how his apps tend to look better than mine and we discussed how to add styling to the page header of an app. As things went along he ended up creating some slick looking mockups for a new Full Circle app. The Full Circle app has been around for over three years and started back when I was still pretty new to Ubuntu Touch. It was looking a bit bland so it was due for a much needed makeover. When I started working on the redesign I decided to start from scratch. And since I was starting from scratch it made sense to me to use the Qt Quick Controls 2 (QQC2) that was added with the switch to Xenial. This was an awesome opportunity to redesign the app and learn QQC2.

Using QQC2 with the Suru theme is a really great way to make Ubuntu Touch apps. I was able to do most visual elements of the new Full Circle app with QQC2 and only used the Ubuntu Touch UI Toolkit (UITK) for the Ubuntu Shape, system icons, and the download service. From this experiencce I’ve begun to do some thinking about how a next generation UITK would look being based on QQC2 & the Suru theme. I’m looking forward to seeing more apps based on QQC2.

Get the latest QQC2 based Full Circle app fresh on the OpenStore.

Check out the code on GitLab to see how it works with QQC2 & Suru.