OpenStore Year End Updates

Published December 28, 2018 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Openstore, Releases

The end of 2018 brings a few updates to the OpenStore. The website is now translatable! As soon as it gets added to the UBports Weblate instance the website,, will be able to accept community translations. I’m currently in contact with Florian about getting it setup and will post an announcement on the OpenStore Telegram group when it’s available to be translated. In other language related news, the app language list has been fixed. This feature had previously been removed due to a bug, but now it’s back. This allows you to see the various languages that an app has translations for (note, some translations might be only partially completed). A new feature added is the ability to delete apps that do not yet have a revision. This allows users to remove an app if they make a mistake in the app’s name when first submitting it. If an app already has revisions attached to it you can still unpublish it but not delete it. An annoying bug that has been fixed is the search on mobile. On a desktop the search will update as you type if you pause, but on mobile it will only search after you hit enter or unfocus the searchbar. This has now been fixed and searching on mobile will be smoother. The last change for this update is a minor one, but the OpenStore app will now check both framework and architecture. Previously only the framework was checked during an update. This will prevent potential issues in the future as the possibility for non-arm based devices increases.

Thank you to everyone that supports the OpenStore and UBports. I wish you all a happy New Year!