OpenStore App v2.60

Published May 7, 2019 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Openstore, Releases

Earlier today version 2.60 of the OpenStore app was release. This release would not have been possible if not for many awesome contributors. Many thanks to the work done by Joan, Christian, Rodney, Dalton, and many translators! The highlight of v2.60 is the new “Update All” button in the app list. A feature that has long been requested, the Update All button does exactly as it says on the label, updates all the apps with updates. The update all button smartly ignores any app with a version that doesn’t come from the OpenStore (for example, beta testing a new version) and the OpenStore app lists them separately. Another new feature is the loading indicator for the banner image. It will show up to let you know that the app is fetching data in the background. And lastly, there are new URIs for opening the “My Apps” tab: openstore://my-apps and openstore://updates. This could be useful for app developers to let users launch the OpenStore to get the latest version of their app.

In addition to v2.60 of the OpenStore app, there were also some bug fixes and clean up in the api and website. If you notice any issues in any part of the OpenStore, feel free to send a bug report!