Gotify and Simple Dash

Published August 31, 2019 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Ubuntu Touch Apps, Releases

This past week I’ve released two new apps for Ubuntu Touch: Gotify and Simple Dash. Simple Dash is a simple dash replacement (if the name didn’t give that away already!). After installing the app you can choose to make this your primary dash by tapping the install button in the app settings. From the settings you can also pick and choose which apps you want to have shown on your dash screen. There is also a lock feature which allows you to password protect the settings, blocking access to any app that isn’t chosen to be on the dash screen. This can potentially be used to limit a child’s access to certain apps.

The second app, Gotify, is a simple client for sending and viewing messages with a Gotify Server. The Gotify server can be self hosted and easily install via YunoHost. With this app you can send simple push notifications to other Gotify clients. My plan is to use this app to send myself interesting links that I want to check out on my desktop machine.

Both of these apps are available via the OpenStore. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated!