Clickable v6.0.0

Published September 6, 2019 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Clickable 6.0.0 has been released! What started as a few small fixes snowballed into many changes from several developers. The Clickable team decided that it made sense to bump the next major version to 6 and introduce some breaking changes. Some of the features that I want to highlight here is the new --dark-mode flag when using desktop mode. This allows you to test out your apps on your desktop using Ubuntu Touch’s the dark styles. Also in desktop mode is another new argument, --gdbserver. This allows for debugging your application using your standard tools. Some noteworthy breaking changes are the removal of the deprecated dependencies, lxd support, and vivid support. Additionally the click-build command has been deprecated and it’s functionality moved into the build command. There are many more new features, fixes, and changes, so check out the full changelog.

Behind the scenes there was a major refactor of the desktop command. The desktop command was becoming an unwieldy command source wise. It has now been broken down into smaller, more manageable parts. For the templates they have also been updated to respect the user’s selected license and also display the GPL notice in source files.

This release couldn’t have been completed with out the help of all these contributors:

If you run into any issues with Clickable please report them in the GitLab Issues.