Clickable v6.3.0

Published October 11, 2019 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Today I’m pleased to announce the release of Clickable 6.3.0. With this release Clickable will now prompt you if it doesn’t find a clickable.json file. This will prevent people from accidentally running Clickable in the wrong directory. Another improvement to Clickable is a revamped logging system. It will now hide certain debug related information unless you specify --verbose. It will also log to a file (~/.clickable/clickable.log) in the event that you need to file a bug. The last improvement to Clickable in v6.3.0 is the new app template. I’ve combined the existing templates into one template that adjusts based on your chosen language. By combining it into one template this allows easier updates as you only need to go to one location. It also simplifies and cleans up the existing templates. If you are interested in contributing to the template, check it out on GitLab.

If you run into any issues with Clickable please report them in the GitLab Issues.