Clickable v6.9.0

Published February 13, 2020 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Clickable v6.9.0 has been out for a short while now with several small changes. dependencies_build has been replaced by dependencies_host to avoid confusion, meaning dependencies_build now deprecated. Another deprecation is the $PLACEHOLDER style syntax. It has been superseded by the ${PLACEHOLDER} syntax. This will help avoid issues like the ARCH placholder breaking the ARCH_TRIPLET placeholder (which had been previously fixed). And speaking of placeholders, they are now allowed to be in the env_vars configuration. The last deprecation of v6.9.0 is the python build template. This is an old template for building python apps for Ubuntu Touch 15.04 (back then the pyothersides library wasn’t build into the image). This has been replaced by the precompiled build template, which allows you to build an app like the pure template, but also sets an architecture for precompiled binaries/libraries that you might want to include. This release also improves and fixes the install_* configuration options. These options allow you to pull arbitrary file & libraries from the Clickable docker container. With this you can easily install dependencies into your click app that aren’t present in the base Ubuntu Touch system. v6.9.0 fixes and issue where bash could be executed from these directives. And for install_qml it will install qml modules in the correct path to reflect its module name. There are also some other bug fixes and improvements, especially around the architecture (which now includes tests to gaurd against regression bugs).

If you run into any issues with Clickable please report them in the GitLab Issues.