OpenStore App 2.93

Published February 28, 2020 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Openstore, Releases

Over last week and weekend I was able to sit down to make a few updates to the OpenStore app. My goal was to smooth over some rough edges and provide some new features. The first new feature is the addition of an app’s type to both the app search/cateogry list and the app page itself. Apps can contain multiple types ranging from App and Scopes (RIP) to Webapps and Webapp+s. The website has been displaying these types since pretty much the beginning and now the app displays them as well. One of the rough edges that I was able to smooth over is the displaying of permissions. Rather than showing exactly what is in the app’s apparmor file, the OpenStore app will now show a human readable (and translatable!) version of the app’s permissions. And speaking of permissions, when installing an unconfined app users will now see a warning popup before install. This replaces the first launch popup that was very scary to users and came from a time before the OpenStore became the official app store for Ubuntu Touch. Back then the OpenStore was only a place for hacks and unconfined apps that you could not get in the Canonical app store. In addition to these new features there were also a couple bug fixes. The installed apps list now sorts alphabetically in a case insensitive manner (the way one would expect it to sort). And lastly the empty space in the OpenStore’s app page has now been filled (for other apps this space holds an “open” button, but that doesn’t make sense for the OpenStore!).

If you run into any issues with the latest update, feel free to send a bug report!