Clickable v6.13.0

Published May 6, 2020 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
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Clickable v6.13.0 was just released and it comes with some necessary bug fixes and cool new features. One of the headline features this release is that click apps are now uninstalled before being installed. This helps avoid issues with apparmor. Previously developers would have to bump their version number to force their app’s apparmor profile to be updated. Now it’s just automatically part of the development process with Clickable. And speaking of version numbers, the app template has been updated to provide Git tag based versioning for CMake based templates when selected. This allows you to automate your versioning. Just do git tag v1.2.3 to set the version number when building your click. Commits after that tag will automatically get the date appended to it, so you always have a unique version number (great for nightly builds!). The final thing I want to call out this release is that Clickable is now on PyPi! Now rather than using the full git url, you can install Clickable by running pip3 install clickable-ut (not to be confused with the existing clickable which is unrelated to this project).

In other, non-release news, Clickable now has it’s own domain. It has moved from a subdomain of my personal site to its own at

If you run into any issues with Clickable please report them in the GitLab Issues.