OpenStore App v3.0.0

Published May 20, 2020 in The Voyage of a Software Developer by Brian Douglass
Filed under Openstore, Releases

The latest and greatest version of the OpenStore app is now out. v3.0.0 brings a visual refresh and ratings/reviews. This update was made possible by many different contributors: Christian Pauly, Johannes Renkl, Jonatan Hatakeyama Zeidler, Stefan Weng, Tim Süberkrüb, and Joan CiberSheep. Thanks to the work of these great devs you can browse the OpenStore in style and leave reviews on all the apps. The website has also been updated to show the ratings and will eventually show reviews as well.

The ratings come in five different flavors: ❤️, 💔, 😐, 🙂, and 🐛. Using emojis rather than the usual star rating was inspired by elementry’s AppCenter along with other “reactions” from social media and chat platforms. We hope that ratings and reviews will be beneficial to both users and developers alike!

If you notice any issues in any part of the OpenStore, feel free to send a bug report!