Brian Douglass
Senior Software Engineer


Hello, I'm Brian Douglass a full stack engineer with over a decade of experience building software. I have a keen interest in solving interesting problem. And I find it especially rewarding when the solutions help improve peoples lives. I specialize in JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js and building APIs. But I also have extensive experience with Python, PHP, React, Vue.js, C++, and Qt, just to name a few. I'm always looking to improve myself and the people around me.

Work Experience

Huntington Beach, CA
February 2020 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
Developing new apis with NestJS, Typescript, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL. Also building interfaces with React and maintaining systems built with Laravel. Team lead and mentor for Jr Developers.
  • Build apis with NestJS, Typescript, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Build interfaces with React.
  • Maintain web apps with Laravel & Javascript.
  • Lead a team of 5-6 developers.
  • Interface directly with stakeholders to determine direction and scope of projects.
  • Mentoring Jr Developers and reviewing code pull requests.
  • Interviewing and onboarding new developers.
  • Championed documentation and developed best practices for teams.
Logan, UT
May 2019 – January 2020
Senior Software Engineer
Developed lambda microservices in Node.js and Typescript. Built interfaces using React. Also created developer tools to improve error tracking and implemented testing solutions using Docker.
  • Develop web apps with React.
  • Maintain and improve microservices.
  • Improve testing solutions with docker.
  • Create developer tools to improve error tracking.
eFlex Systems
Rochester Hills, MI
July 2018 – March 2019
Senior Developer
Migrated legacy C# api and C++ processes to Node.js. Developed full stack applications using Koa, Ember.js, and CoffeeScript.
  • Developed full stack solutions to improve efficiency for manufacturing clients.
  • Migrated legacy api from C# to Node.js and legacy C++ process to Node.js.
  • Autonomous and self motivated telecommuter.
Atlanta, GA
October 2017 – July 2018
Software Engineer
Showroom Logic was acquired by PureCars in 2017. Maintained legacy systems in Python and PHP. Architected new solutions for web scraping using serverless functions.
  • Architected improved web scraping technologies utilizing serverless functions.
  • Solely responsible for maintaining legacy systems.
  • Optimized systems running in AWS.
  • Driven and autonomous telecommuter.
Showroom Logic
Miami, FL
June 2013 – September 2017
Senior Software Engineer
Developed fullstack applications using PHP and AngularJS. Created new full stack applications using Python and Django. Lead a small project team and optimized systems for scaling up massively.
  • Technical lead for small project teams.
  • Develop api interactions with Google AdWords, BingAds, Facebook, and AutoWeb.
  • Self organizing and autonomous telecommuting.
  • Maintained services hosted in AWS.
  • Developing large scale ad generation systems with Python and Django.
  • Rebuilt ad generation system to maximize performance syncing tens of thousands of ads.
  • Maintaining legacy systems using PHP, Doctrine2, and AngularJS.
Philadelphia, PA
May 2010 – June 2013
Software Engineer and Product Manager
Developed new Qt based interfaces for aging Matlab application. Developed new company website.
  • Developed new graphical user interface for aging app.
  • Interfaced Matlab backend with new Qt interface.
  • Rewrote company website.
  • Self motivated and driven telecommuter.
Business MAPS
Austin, TX
June 2019 – Present
Freelance Software Engineer
Architected and built a full stack application to meet growing business needs.
  • Developed an application using PHP, Larvel, JavaScript, and Vue.js.
  • Interfaced closely with executives to develop solutions to business problems.
  • Replaced legacy scripts for payment calculations with modern solutions.
At Your Service, Inc
Brookville, PA
April 2014 – May 2021
Freelance Software Engineer
Created new applications using Python, Django, JavaScript, and Vue.js. Replaced aging spreadsheet tracking with modern applications.
  • Architected and developed full stack solutions for work order management.
  • Created progressive web app for mobile work order input.
  • Interfaced closely with the client's employees to meet their needs.


August 2018 – April 2021
UBports App Dev Steering Committee Head
Lead the UBports App Development committee and championed developer experience for the Ubuntu Touch operating system.
  • Support and develop the open source Ubuntu Touch operating system.
  • Organize global contributors to develop apps and write documentation.
  • Built and maintained UI toolkits and themes for app development.
  • Pioneered quality of life improvements for core app developers.


    April 2015 – Present
    The official app store for Ubuntu Touch
    • Built an API first web service built using TypeScript, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.
    • Created custom web client for searching and managing apps using JavaScript and Vue.js
    • Continued to maintain Qt/QML Ubuntu Touch app for installing applications.
    April 2016 – Present
    A tool to build and compile Ubuntu Touch apps easily from the command line.
    • Built a Python command line tool to vastly improve developer experience.
    • Configured docker containers for easily reproducible builds.
    • Lead a small international team.
    Recipe Boss
    January 2018 – January 2021
    Recipe manager that makes your recipes work for you
    • Created a mobile first web app in Vue.js for managing recipes,
    • Built without an api, leveraging the remote storage library
    Development and maintenance of various apps for Ubuntu Touch
    • Built apps with native Qt and QML.
    • Created apps using web technologies.
    • Maintained and improved apps abandoned by other developers.
    Personal Blog
    March 2016 – Present
    Tutorials about various technologies and release announcements for my projects
    • Wrote tutorials spanning technologies from Node.js to Ubuntu Touch Apps.
    • Created release announcements for various projects.



Backend Development
Node.js ExpressJS NestJS Jest Python Django Flask PHP Laravel REST GraphQL PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Serverless OpenAPI/Swagger
Frontend Development
JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS Vue.js React Ember.js Astro
Git Docker Linux Qt QML C++


  • EnglishNative speaker


Board Games
Terraforming Mars Agricola Ticket to Ride Catan
Open Source
Linux Ubuntu Touch Self Hosting
Video Games
Fire Emblem XCOM Civilization