Brian Douglass

Software Engineer @ PureCars

Current Work


Full stack development of advertising solutions for the automotive industry. Primary development in Python, AngularJS and PHP.


Independent consulting for mobile app and mobile operating system solutions. Primary development with QML, C++, and NodeJS.

At Your Service, Inc

Independent consultant tasked with the development of a full stack work order management system to replace an aging Excel process. Primary development with Python and AngularJS.

Past Work

Showroom Logic

Full stack development of advertising solutions. Including maintaining large scale web apps, architecting creative solutions, and managing a small team of remote developers. Primary development in Python, React, PHP, and AngularJS.


Developed medical software for desktops that assisted in complex radiological treatment plans. Primary development in Qt/C++, Matlab, and HTML.


UBports Foundation

Board of Trustees Member (2017-2018)


Messiah College

Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science

Google AdWords Certified




The OpenStore is the app store for Ubuntu Touch and hosts an ever growing selection of apps from a multitude of developers. It is an Angular JS frontend with a NodeJS api.

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uApp Explorer

uApp Explorer

The number 1 source for information about Ubuntu Touch Apps and the unofficial apps store on the web! Find out everything about Ubuntu Touch apps including screenshots, reviews, and more. uApp Explorer sports a frontend built with React and an NodeJS based api.

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Simply Light

Simply Light

Weather at a glance on your wrist! Simply Light is a highly customizable watchface for both Pebble and Pebble Time smartwatches. Development of Simply Light takes place in C for the watchface and JavaScript for the application logic with a configuration page built on AngularJS.

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