A short post about a collection of command-line tips.

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I discovered a great resource for various bash tips and tricks called Bash-Oneliner. Despite the name, it also has plenty of tips and tricks in addition to various “oneliners”. It has sections on how variables and math work in bash. A varied assortment of commands are covered as well. I only read part of it and I have already learned a ton. For example, did you know you can have grep print out lines before and after the match? (Exampled copied from Bash-Oneliner)

# return also 3 lines after match
grep -A 3 'bbo'

# return also 3 lines before match
grep -B 3 'bbo'

# return also 3 lines before and after match
grep -C 3 'bbo'

This is an awesome resource for anyone familiar with bash. However, it should be noted that this is not a beginner’s guide to bash as it assumes some level of bash knowledge.

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