Hi, I'm Brian Douglass

Senior Software Engineer @ Enerflo

About Me

Hello, I'm Brian Douglass a full stack engineer with over a decade of experience building software. I have a keen interest in solving interesting problem. And I find it especially rewarding when the solutions help improve peoples lives. I specialize in JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js and building APIs. But I also have extensive experience with Python, PHP, React, Vue.js, C++, and Qt, just to name a few. I'm always looking to improve myself and the people around me.

Full Stack

I've worked on a variety of different projects, spanning the backend and frontend. And I've developed in a variety of different languages.

OpenStore Lead

The official app store for Ubuntu Touch. Built with a Node.js, Express, and Mongo API, a Vue.js frontend, and a QML/C++ app.

Clickable Lead

Command line tool for easy Ubuntu Touch app development. Built with Python and uses Docker.

Open Source

I live and breath Open Source, find my projects on GitLab.

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