How to Publish an Ubuntu Touch App

Learn how to publish an Ubuntu Touch app from start to finish.

A list of apps on the website open-store.io.

Once you have created an app for Ubuntu Touch, it is time to publish the app to the OpenStore. The OpenStore is the app store for Ubuntu Touch. It is a place to find and install apps for Ubuntu Touch phones and tablets. While it encourages open-source apps, it also accepts proprietary apps.

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Getting Started

To get started, you will need to create an account on open-store.io. You can create the account using an existing GitHub, GitLab, or Ubuntu One account. Once logged in, you can now submit your app to the OpenStore. Be sure to read over the rules and content policy before submitting your app. To submit your app, you will need to enter the app’s name and the app’s title.

Submit App

The title is the text that will appear in the store when a user searches for your app. The name is the name of the app in the manifest file. This is usually in the form of <app>.<your-name>. For example, example.bhdouglass, where example is the name of the app and bhdouglass is my namespace. It is important that the name matches exactly with your manifest.json file, otherwise, the OpenStore will reject any updates.


Upload a Revision

Once you have submitted the app name and title to the OpenStore you are presented with a page to edit your app’s information. Be sure to upload screenshots, select a category, and write a nice description. At this point, your app is not published publicly because there is nothing for users to download. To fix this, click the “New Revision” button. You will be presented with a new page that allows you to upload your click files. Alternatively, you can host your click files on the internet and give the OpenStore and link to download the click. Either choose your click file to upload or paste a link to the click. You can upload as many architecture-specific clicks as you want during this process. Don’t worry if you forgot one, you can always upload them later. The OpenStore currently supports armhf, arm64, and amd64 architectures. This is in addition to architecture-independent apps (like those using Python).

Create Revision

Write a short update for the changelog and click the “Create” button to upload your click files. Once uploaded, the OpenStore will run an automated review process to determine if your app is safe to distribute. This is the same process that Clickable runs when building your app.

Click Review

Manual Review

If your app is rejected because it needs a manual review, then join the OpenStore Telegram group to get started. If your app passes the automated review, then your clicks have now been successfully uploaded to the OpenStore. The last step to publish your app publicly is to mark the app as published and save your changes.

Finished Publishing


Congratulations, you have now made your Ubuntu Touch app available to thousands of Ubuntu Touch users across the globe!

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