JSON Manipulation with PostgreSQL

Tips and tricks for manipulating JSON data with PostgreSQL.

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Lately, I have been writing data migrations for work. Our database of choice is PostgreSQL, which has great JSON column support. I have learned a few queries for manipulating JSON data and wanted to share there here. Maybe my future self will rediscover these someday!

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Remove a Property

Removing a property from a json column is pretty simple, you just need to do:

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=json_column - 'remove_this_property';

This will take an object like {"keep_me": 1, "remove_this_property": 2} and update to be {"keep_me": 1}.

Update a Property

Updating a value in an object is also easy:

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=jsonb_set(

The true argument tells jsonb_set to create update_property if it doesn’t exist.

Remove a Nested Property

You can then combine the last two queries if you need to remove a property from a nested json object:

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=jsonb_set(
    (json_column->'nested_property')::jsonb - 'remove_this_property',

Rename a Property

If you need to rename a property in a json object you can combine removing the old property with setting the new property with the existing value:

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=(
    json_column - 'old_property' ||
    jsonb_build_object('new_property', json_column->'old_property')

Rename a Nested Property

You can rename a property of a nested object in a similar way to removing a nested property:

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=jsonb_set(
        json_column->'nested_property' - 'old_property' ||
        jsonb_build_object('new_property', json_column->'nested_property'->'old_property'

Find and Replace

And if your json objects are really crazy, you could opt to do a find and replace. However, this should really only be used as a last resort as it may have unintended consequences!

UPDATE table_name SET json_column=REPLACE(

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