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As a software developer, keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry is essential to stay competitive and up-to-date. One great way to do this is by listening to software developer podcasts. In this blog post, I’ll share a range of podcasts from informative to inspiring. Make some room in your podcast player because these podcasts offer a wealth of information and insight for developers at any level. So grab your headphones and get ready to tune in to some of the best software developer podcasts out there!

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Table of contents

Developer Tea

Developer Tea is a thought-provoking podcast for software developers. It’s not solely about coding but delves into management, values, feedback, and much much more. Developer Tea is a short-form podcast which is perfect because it’s not one that you want to be multitasking with! Be sure to keep your notes app open while listening.


The Changelog isn’t just one developer podcast, it’s a whole network of podcasts for developers. There is a diverse number of topics covered on each of the podcasts. There are several language-specific podcasts like JS Party and Go Time. The network also offers other options like Ship It!, a podcast about pushing out ideas, Changelog News with short, humor-infused news segments, and The Changelog itself a podcast with long-form technology discussions.

JS Party

JS Party is a podcast in the Changelog network mentioned above but deserves its own separate section. As you might have guessed from the name, this is a mostly JavaScript-focused podcast. Not only JavaScript, this podcast also covers frontend technology and Node.js with an occasional look at alternatives like Deno.

Coder Radio

Coder Radio is a weekly talk show by Jupiter Broadcasting. The hosts cover a wide array of topics from tech news to small businesses. This is a great podcast for keeping up with tech trends and isn’t overly technical.

Jupiter Broadcasting also hosts many technology-related podcasts like Linux Unplugged and Self-Hosted.

Linux Dev Time

Linux Dev Time is a show about the intersection of development and Linux. It covers both developing on and for Linux.

How to subscribe to these podcasts

If you already have a favorite podcast app, you can search for these podcasts to start listening to them today. If you don’t already have a favorite, check out these great podcast app picks!

How to support podcasters

Podcasters spend a lot of time and effort producing high-quality podcasts, not only for developers but for every niche possible. How can you support their efforts and let them know that their time was well spent?

The simplest way to support a podcast is to leave a review on whatever platforms you can. This is a great way to give feedback to the podcasters while also boosting their rankings.

While not as tangible as a review, word of mouth can also be an effective way to support podcasts. Tell all your friends and social media followers to help the podcast gain even more listeners.

Many podcasts can also be financially contributed to via memberships or one-off payments like boosts. Boosts are a form of direct feedback and direct financial contribution via Bitcoin.


Check out these great podcasts in your podcast app of choice today! Start learning and keeping up with the trends while in the car or doing chores around the house. These podcasts are putting out new content consistently but also sport a massive backlog for your listening enjoyment.

Hungry for more? The Podcast Index has many more podcasts listed.

Contact me if you have any suggestions for more great podcasts!

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