Node 19

The latest release of Node.js is out now with some cool new features.

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Update: Version 19 is old news, check out Node.js 20!

Last week Node.js announced the release of version 19.

While it is not an LTS release, it does come with a really cool feature: --watch.

Using the --watch flag, you can have Node.js automatically restart the process if the files being watched change. Running Node.js in watch mode is as Running node --watch index.js. If you are using more than one file in your project, you can also use the --watch-path flag.

The --watch-path flag can be specified multiple times to watch different directories. One important thing to note is, --watch works on all platforms while --watch-path only works on macOS and Windows at this time. Linux users will get an ERR_FEATURE_UNAVAILABLE_ON_PLATFORM error. While this feature does overshadow projects like nodemon, I am sure that nodemon will continue to distinguish itself with features beyond what Node.js offers.

This release of Node.js includes other items, like a stable WebCrypto API and an updated V8 engine. Check out the release blog post for all the other details.